Sunday, September 25, 2011

THE CUT(E) ABOVE THE REST. Get 30 of the cutest guys in the Philippines in one roof and a gaggle of screaming teens and tweeners would surely follow!

Captions from the top:

ME! ME! Girls raise their hands in attempt to be the lucky one to go onstage and meet ALL Candy Cuties.

LIPPY LOVE. The girls try out different shades of lip gloss as they wait for their turn at the Glitter Art Section.

FREEBIES ALL AROUND. Girls enjoy hours of pampering as they get free treats and freebies at each booth. Nail Art, Henna Tattoo and Glitter Art are huge hits among the teen and tween set.

FACEBOOK MOMENT. Photo booths and Photo op areas draw the largest crowds at the fairgrounds. Girl barkadad just can’t get enough of taking Facebook profile-worthy souvenir pics.

ULTIMATE HEARTTHROBS. Sam Concepcion and Elmo Magalona deliver yet another high-energy performance.

CANDY. CUTIE. AT. CANDY. FAIR. Five simple and seemingly innocuous words. One major Shriek fest.

Gaggles of teen and tween girls trooped to the Candy Magazine’s Candy Fair at the Meralco Megatent this weekend to get serious face time with 30 of the cutest guys in the Philippines. Leading the pack are this year’s Candy Cuties Mini Mag cover boys, Teen superstar Sam Concepcion and music idol Elmo Magalona. The two performed onstage in a mini concert, right along the rest of this year’s Cuties.

“We never thought that the response would be like this. A lot of the girls who came in were with their barkadas (Filipino term for groups of friends) and they often came here riding one car. They probably met up in a house and dressed up there. It really became a special bonding occasion for them,” said Charlotte Catapang, Summit Media’s Marketing Associate.

Treats and Souvenirs

Around 2,500 girls strolled around the fair grounds inspired by theme parks abroad. A huge colorful tree greeted them as they arrived. There, Candy Girls posted and wrote special messages to their ultimate Candy Cutie. Behind the tree is a cardboard jalopy with a “Just Married” signage. Attendees used this to get souvenir shots with a Candy Cutie or just photo ops with their friends.

Special activity booths occupied the sidelines. The girls got to enjoy free henna tattoos, nail art, glitter art and makeovers as they flitted from one booth to another. The booths also gave away freebies and special prizes to those who participated in the booth games. Instant photo booths with special backdrops and props drew the longest lines.

Decibels higher

Those long lines vanished the moment the Candy Cuties paraded onstage. Cheers and screams grew louder and louder as each Candy Cutie performed onstage. An uber enthusiastic crowd greeted TV stars Alden Richards, Joshua Dionisio and Kristoffer Martin; and showbiz newcomers James Reid and Patrick Sugui. Up-and-coming recording artist SomedayDream got the crowd to jump and sing as he performed "Hey Daydreamer." Music VJ and Pinoy Big Brother alumnus Robi Domingo stole the show when got two girls swooning in excitement as he took them onstage and serenaded them with Fallin’... on bended knees. Expectedly, the crowd went wild, with shrieks reaching record decibels as Candy Cuties cover boys Sam and Elmo took the microphone. To cap off the event, the two paired off in an electric number, showing off great dance moves to the sheer delight of their squealing fans. 


Backstage at the Candy Fair, I caught up with Candy Cuties Cover Boy Elmo Magalona. Though he was quite busy preparing for his number, he agreed to a short interview. Here is this blog's exclusive:

Interview with Elmo Magalona (mp3)

To those who missed this year's ultimate teen event, here are some highlights.